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Listen! Take a few minutes and think of the sounds you hear every day. Start with home, appliances, outdoor noise, entertainment systems, air-conditioning. How about your car? Engine noise or the road noise it makes. The aircraft you took last week for your business trip or the news helicopter flew over when you were on the road this morning. Your office traffic and air-conditioning again or the printer that sits next door. How did the restaurant you have most recently been sound? Every sound we hear gives us an opinion about its owner. Moreover, this opinion does not only depend on the properties of the owner but also the perception of the user.

Human ear is very effective in identifying between sounds. You can easily separate the sounds of an automobile and an aircraft. You might be able to tell the difference between your previous brand hair dryer and your new one by their sound. Sound is a part of the identity of a product. As it lets us identify a certain product, it consciously or unconsciously affects our preferences. So, what is the best way to quantify these preferences? And, how can the outcomes be most efficiently used in product design?  These are two key question to answer to be able to create products that will be favored by the target marke



Welcome to Sound Talk! I created this website to share my greatest passion with you. The science of sound : Acoustics! Sound is everywhere. That is why acoustics has an application in a very broad range of disciplines from engineering to psychology; from marine biology to healthcare. I believe that interaction between different fields will bring us closer to the yet undiscovered. Whether you are a professional working actively on one of the acoustics related fields or you are only interested in it, we should have so much to share. Sharing information is the first step to grow knowledge, which is the most important asset in today’s world. So, let us start talking and expand our horizons together.